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The Saddlefit4 Life® Diagnostic System

Jochen Schlesse Horse and Rider
Diagnostic Fit Evaluation
In April 2013, we will begin offering saddle fit analysis using the world-class Saddlefit 4 Life® diagnostic system.  Founded on a commitment to optimal saddle fitting in order to protect both horse and rider from pain and long term damage, these diagnositics are carried out by a global network of Certified Ergonomists who are veterinarians, trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and saddle fitters.

The Saddlefit 4 Life® system, developed by Jochen Schleese and taught by him to equine professionals, emphasizes recognition and diagnosis of suspected saddle fit issues, and getting to the root of issues.  Two key saddle fit principles form the basis of this system:

(i) stay off negative reflex points on the horse’s back, and
(ii) work with the bio-mechanics of the horse in motion for complete back freedom. 

As a member of this global network of Certified Saddle Ergonomists, Becky Tenges will provide you with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, analysis and recommendations.

Our On-Site Diagnostic Services Include:
  1. Measurements, Evaluation, Analysis (static and dynamic)
  2. Saddle Fit Diagnosis for Horse
  3. Saddle Fit Diagnosis for Rider to assess comfort and correct rider position; balance and communication with the horse
  4. Recommendations for Solutions with Independent reporting

We Assess the Following During our Diagnostic Evaluation:
  1. Getting to the root of horse and rider issues
  2. Horse Anatomy and Rider Position
  3. Stirrup Bar Position
  4. Seat Size
  5. Examination for Signs of a Sore Back
  6. Evaluation of Saddle Fit with and without a Saddle Pad
  7. Analysis of Horse Conformation to the Fit of the Saddle
  8. Location of Pressure Points
  9. Analysis of Horse Movement providing clues to saddle fit
  10. Saddle Dust Pattern Analysis
  11. Saddle Measurements and Assessment
  12. Recommendations