Equine BodyWorks USA 


Revealing Affliction.  Reducing Discomfort.  Improving Movement & Performance.™


A Note to Owners & Vets About Bodywork

Equine Bodywork is a non-invasive therapy aimed at producing wellness and enhancing performance in the healthy horse.  Bodywork is not a replacement for veterinarian intervention and treatment. Always consult your veterinarian before choosing any therapy.

At Equine BodyWorks LLC, your horse's well-being is our primary concern.  We believe that we share a common goal: A Horse Performing at Its Best™. 

Equine Bodyworks LLC provides a wellness service that will complement the care provided to your horse by your veterinarian. However as stated in the above disclaimer, printed on all of our evaluation sheets and information materials, bodywork is for the healthy horse.  For general wellness and optimum performance in your horse, complementary care, such as bodywork, should always accompany balanced nutrition, training, properly fitted equipment, and regular veterinary, dental and farrier care from your qualified practitioners.

Our bodywork services are intended to reduce discomfort, improve movement and enhance performance in the healthy horse. Please understand as an Equine Bodyworker, we do not diagnose or treat any type of disease, nor are our wellness services a substitute for veterinary care or treatment. We will not perform Bodywork on any horse that is not in good health or has an injury in the acute stage. 

If you are in doubt about the physical health of your horse, please call your veterinarian.