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The Masterson Method- Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

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Becky Tenges is honored to be a Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Clinician of the groundbreaking method of equine bodywork developed by Jim Masterson and known as The Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

The Masterson Method™ is a unique, interactive method of equine bodywork where we find and release accumulated tension in the key junctions of the horse's body that most affect performance: the Poll-Atlas Junction, the Neck-Shoulder-Withers Junction, and the Hind-End (sacroilliac) Junction.

With this Method of bodywork, we observe and use the responses of the horse to our touch, enabling the horse to actively participate in the process of releasing tension. This is bodywork that we do with the horse, not to the horse.

This is a very practical, interactive type of bodywork with proven results that you can see (through visual signs the horse gives of tension release) and which the horse experiences through improved suppleness, mobility and comfort, resulting in improved performance.

Becky would be honored to partner with your horse to help it release accumulated tension and/or to work with you to teach you more about this Method of bodywork which will create a new level of communication and bonding between you and your horse.

Becky's Bodywork practice is located primarily in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois; although during the Winter months, she is regularly lured to the multitude of competition horses who relocate to the warmth of Florida and California.  In 2013, Becky's clinician presentations of The Masterson Method™ will take her a little bit south to Iowa for the Iowa Horse Fair and just about as far west and north as you can go before you run into Canada, when she will be at the Northwest Washington Horse Expo.

Becky and her daughter enjoying a Championship moment.

Please Note:
Equine Bodywork is a non-invasive therapy aimed at producing wellness and enhancing performance in the healthy horse.  Bodywork is not a replacement for veterinarian intervention and treatment. Always consult your veterinarian before choosing any therapy.