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About Becky Tenges

Becky Tenges, MMCP, CERA, CET, CEE
Certified Masterson Method™ Instructor
Certified Equine Rehabilitation Assistant
Certified Equine Thermographer
Certified Equine Ergonomist
Certified Photonic Health Red Light Practitioner
                                                                     Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner Equine
Level I Certified Thermographer
Greetings and Welcome! 

Becky Tenges, the owner of Equine BodyWorks LLC and a life-long lover of horses, brings her extensive knowledge and training to you and your horse’s team of trainer, farrier, veterinarian and other equine professionals.  The daughter of a farrier who grew up in Southern California on an Arabian horse ranch, Becky earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics from UC Davis. After leaving a twenty-year career in Investment Banking, Becky returned to her involvement with horses, initially for the therapeutic benefit they provide to humans and now to the therapeutic benefit that she can provide to them.

With over 40 years experience with horses, Becky's focus is to provide therapeutic relief to her equine clients and information and answers to their owners and trainers.  Through evaluation and bodywork, Becky brings straightforward methodologies and a heartfelt dedication to Revealing Afflictions, Reducing Discomfort and Enhancing Movement & Performance

Becky focuses on finding and relieving tension and improving biomechanics using the many bodywork and wellness modalities in which she has become is trained and certified.  Becky was initially drawn to the Masterson Method as the foundation of her bodywork due to the gentle nature of Jim’s Method; the logic of his interactive approach to alleviating soreness, strain and tension; and because the Masterson Method is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse.  

In 2012, Becky joined the Masterson Team as an instructor, coach, mentor and clinician at venues around the country, bringing to the Masterson team and to participants in her clinics, her over forty years of horse experience and over twenty years of leadership, public speaking and training from her corporate and non-profit board positions.  Becky also serves as the Director of Fieldwork for the Masterson Method education and certification program. Feel free to contact Becky if you or your group are interested in learning more about the Masterson Method, an innovative, easily learned method of recognizing and using the visual responses to touch in order to find and release accumulated tension and restriction in the horse.

Continuing education is a high priority for Becky. In her near-constant quest for more knowledge to bring body relief to horses and information to the people who love them, Becky has pursued personal training with and certification from the horse-world's best in each of the professional services she offers. Where body knowledge and/or clinical practice has not yet found its way from the human to the equine world, she seeks training in human research and bodywork practices to advance her knowledge and practice with horses.

  • Whole Horse Dissection  (3 Days) Lorre Mueller, Trinity Equine Services WI, Mar 2023
  • How Scars & Castration Scars Interfere with Equine Locomotion  (2 Hours) Dr Rikke Schulz, Centaur Biomechanics, Jan 2023
  • Masterson Method Certification Completion Course Instructor Training  (4 Days) Jim Masterson, August 2022
  • Embryology of Fascia: Fascia 101  (1 hour) Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains, May 2022
  • Embryology of Fascia: New Science of the Body – (1 hour) Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains, May 2022
  • Embryology of Fascia: 3 Holistic Communicating Systems  (1 hour) Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains, May 2022
  • Whole Horse Dissection  (3 Days) Lorre Mueller, Trinity Equine Services TX, Feb 2022
  • Building Personal Resilience Program - Licensed HeartMath Certified Mentor  (40 Hours) HeartMath Institute, Aug - Oct 2021
  • Tucker BioKinetic Module III & IV Functional Alignment  (2 Days) Dr Renee Tucker, Tucker BioKinetic University, Oct 2021
  • Graston Technique - Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (12 Hr) Steve Katz, DC, Graston Technique Equine, Sep 2021
  • Whole Horse Dissection  (3 Days) Sharon May-Davis, Whole Horse Health UK, Aug 2021
  • Clinical Biomechanics of the Sacropelvic Region – (4 Hours) Dr Kevin Haussler, Centaur Biomechanics, May 2021
  • Strong, Healthy Back - Foundation of Successful Sport Horse (3.5 Hours) Dr Hilary Clayton, Centaur Biomechanics, Mar 2021
  • Negative Plantar Angles - Associated Pathologies  (2 Hours) Dr Peter Clements, Yogi Sharp, The Equine Documentalist, Mar 2021
  • Tucker BioKinetic Module II Skeletal Realignment  (2 Days) Dr Renee Tucker, Tucker BioKinetic University, Feb 2021
  • Proprioception and Posture  (3 Hours) Dr Karen Gellman, Yogi Sharp, The Equine Documentalist, Feb 2021
  • Spinal Dysfunction - Motor-Control Based Rehabilitation   (3 Hours) Dr Nicole Rombach, Centaur Biomechanics, Feb 2021
  • Recognizing The Ideal Hoof and Its Implications – (1.5 Hours) Yogi Sharp, The Equine Documentalist, Feb 2021
  • Clinical Biomechanics of the Thoracolumbar Region  (4 Hours) Dr Kevin Haussler, Centaur Biomechanics, Jan 2021
  • Can Fascia be a Pain Generator  (2 Hours) Dr Carla Stecco, Anatomy Trains, Jan 2021
  • Balancing the Diaphragms  (2 Hours) Julie Hammond, Anatomy Trains, Jan 2021
  • The Boundless Body – Interstitium 2.0  (2 Hours) Dr Neil Theise, Anatomy Trains, Jan 2021
  • Breaththe New Science of a Lost Art – (2 Hours) James Nestor, Anatomy Trains, Dec 2020
  • Fascia, the Universe, and Everything – (2 Hours) David Lesondak, Anatomy Trains, Dec 2020
  • In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma & Restores Goodness – (2 Hrs) Dr Peter Levine, Dec 2020
  • Anatomy Trains Masterclass: Body Reading 101 – (2 Hours) Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains, Dec 2020
  • SURE FOOT Equine Practitioner Training Workshop – (16 Hours) Wendy Murdock, Sure Foot Equine, Nov 2020
  • Equine Manipulation, Myofascial & Mobilisation Techniques – (Webinar Series 3 days) Caroline Lindsay, HorseSaddleRiderLab, Sep 2020 
  • British Fascia Symposium Online – (5 days) Robert Schleip Ph.D., Gil Hedley Ph.D., and Others, May 2020
  • PhotoBioModulation 2-0 Beyond Pain & Inflammation – (4 hours) OnlineCE ChiroCredit Veterinary Webinar, May 2020
  • Equine Dissection Thoracic & Pelvic Limbs – (24 hours), Lorre Mueller,  EDO, Animal Rehab Institute, Loxahatchee, FL, Feb 2020
  • Equine Fascial Manipulation Stecco Level II (3 days) Finland, Tuulia Luomala, August 2019
  • Myofascial Release I –  (20 hours) Human Theory, Practice, & Clinical Application, John F Barnes, PT, LMT, Chicago, IL, July 2019 
  • Myofascial Unwinding –  (20 hours) Theory, Practice, & Clinical Application, John Barnes, PT, LMT, Chicago, IL, July 2019
  • Equine CranioSacral Training – ESE3 EcoSomatics Equine 3 (32 hours), Dr Sandi Howlett, Upledger Institute, August, 2017
  • Advanced Applied Anatomy – (32 hours), Lorre Mueller, EDO Equine Osteopath, New Hampshire, June 2017
  • Integrated Veterinary Approach – Assessment & Rehabilitation – (28 hours), Dr Raquel Butler, England, April, 2017
  • Anatomy & Palpation – A Journey of Discovery – (14 hours), Dr Raquel Butler, Dodderhill Equestrian, England, April, 2017
  • Whole Horse Dissection – (21 hours), Sharon May-Davis, Dodderhill Equestrian, England, April, 2017
  • Biomechanics – (14 hours), Dr Raquel Butler, Dodderhill Equestrian, England, April, 2017
  • Equine Fascial Manipulation Stecco Level I   (4 days) Poland, Tuulia Luomala, February 2017 
  • Horses Inside Out Annual Conference – Assessment, Evaluation & Action – Horses Inside Out, Gillian Higgins, February, 2017
  • Tucker BioKinetics Master - Certified Practitioner Level One Body Checkups - Dr Rene Tucker, February, 2017
  • Equine CranioSacral Training – ESE1 - EcoSomatics Equine 1 (32 hours), Dr Sandi Howlett, Upledger Institute, December 2016 
  • Equine CranioSacral Training – ESE2 - EcoSomatics Equine 2 (32 hours), Dr Sandi Howlett, Upledger Institute, January 2017
  • Kinesis – (4 days) Tom Myers' Anatomy Trains In Structure and Function, Meredith Stephens, Paletine, IL, Mar/April, 2016
  • Kinesio Equine Taping Instructor Training – Kinesio University, September 2015
  • Kinesio Taping 3 - Kinesio Taping Association International, September 2015
  • Lower Limb, Hoof Anatomy and Hoof Balance Seminar, including Lower Limb Dissection, (2 Day Clinic), American Association of Professional Farriers, July 2015
  • Whole Horse Dissection Clinic, (3 Day Clinic), Equine Touch Foundation, Dr Ivana Ruddock, May 2015
  • Continuing Education – Advanced Integrated Equine Bodywork, (5 Days), Winter Equestrian Festival, Bill Stanton, April, 2015
  • Photonic Red Light Therapy – Level 3 (5 Day Seminar), April, 2015

Advanced assessment techniques; Hyoid muscle/bone evaluation & techniques for rebalancing the hyoid; Additional movements to assist in horse self-adjustment; Individual testing of hands on assessment & point location skills; Advanced Red Light Therapy Applications.

  • Photonic Red Light Therapy – Level 2, (4 Day Seminar), February, 2015

In-depth equine anatomy; In-depth hoof symmetry evaluation; Introduction to mouth/TMJ/teeth evaluation; Introduction to muscle groupings; Comprehensive overview of Meridian lines; Discussion & practicum on assessing for equine ulcers; Farrier points; Saddle fit evaluation; and Two light bridging technique

  • Photonic Red Light Therapy – Level 1, Photonic Health, January 2015

Overview Red Light Therapy from a scientific perspective; Acupoint location & stimulation basics; Hands on experience in performing a basic horse assessment; Introduction to therapeutic horsemanship; Basic equine muscle & bone anatomy; Location of colic, wellness, & emergency points; and Introduction to Meridian lines

  • Equine Kinesio Taping 1 and 2, Kinesio Taping Association International, November 2014
  • Integrative Veterinary Medicine Seminar, (4 Day Seminar) Dr Kerry Ridgway, Institute for Equine Therapeutic Options, September 2014
    • Overview of Equine Ulcers, Causes, Presentation in Horses, Consequences, Anatomy of Ulcers, How to Use Reactions to Acupuncture Points as Indicators of Ulcers, and Treatment Protocol using Acupressure Points
    • Identifying Musculo-Skeletal & Fascial Pattern Restrictions and Using Acupuncture Points to Treat Myofascial Units
  • Lower Limb and Hoof Anatomy and Biomechanics, (14 hours) NEAEP, three day seminar, September 2014
  • Podiatry and Lameness Seminars & Wet Labs, (14 hours) Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners, September 2014
  • Equine Hind Limb Dissection, (5 hours) Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners, September 2014
  • Equine Myofascial Release I, The Equine Therapeutic Center, July 2014
  • CERA02 Equine Athletics Module (4 Day Seminar), Animal Rehab Institute, March 2014
    • Advanced Equine Lameness Evaluation  & Recent Veterinary Treatment Options for Orthopedic Injury's - (Dr. Melissa King, DVM)
    • Common Equine Muscle Disorders & Neurological Conditions - (Dr. Anna Firshman, DVM)
    • Conditioning the Equine Athlete – (Dr. Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS)
    • Current Research In Equine Rehabilitation – (Dr. Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS)
  • CERA01 Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation Therapy (10 Day Seminar), Animal Rehab Institute, October 2013
  • Equine Anatomy Workshop, Animal Rehab Institute, October 2013
  • Building Science Thermographer - Level I, Scott Wood Associates, March 2013
  • Certified Equine Ergonomist, Saddle Fit 4 Life, March 2013
  • Equine Infrared Imaging, Equine IR, January 2013
  • Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork, Certified Practitioner, May 2012